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It is important that Owners recognize that every work-site requires a Prime Contractor if there are two or more contractors working at a site. The designation of this responsibility is automatically applied to the Owner unless assigned and accepted by a general contractor or sub-contractor. The proper execution of the Prime Contractor role is vital from a risk stand-point; the penalties for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) violations can be very expensive. Having a qualified team like Ketek Group Safety Services, looking after your best interests is the best decision you can make.


In addition to the below support options, Safety Services can add value by simultaneously implementing program/culture building elements directly to on-site personnel (browse the links to the left for more information). Safety Services has the capacity to benefit Clients throughout Alberta and North Eastern British Columbia. Please Contact Us for additional information or inquiries.




  • Acting as Prime Contractor

    The Safety Services team can act as a Prime Contractor on behalf of Clients (site owners and/or developers). Integration of our team into this role will give risk adverse Clients piece-of-mind in that we will ensure that they are meeting their OH&S obligations as it pertains to Prime Contractor requirements.


    In this role we will make decisions, from a safety perspective, in the best interests of our Client, in-respect-to Prime Contractor responsibilities. To be successful we would require full by-in from Clients/Owners to ensure compliance of the other sub-contractors. Please Contact Us for additional information or inquiries.

  • Acting as Sub-Contractor

    Safety Services also offers an Advisory Program to Clients who will retain the Prime Contractor role yet have a need for an unbiased safety representative for their work-site.


    Other Clients relinquish Prime Contractor duties to a general contractor who is working on their site. These contractors typically have their own agendas and do not adequately look after the general interests of the Owner in regards to Prime Contractor obligations.


    In this role we will support our Clients as much or as little as they require. We will make suggestions and provide value-added services to facilitate our Clients success. Please Contact Us for additional information or inquiries.


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