Aurora LED82 Stadium Light

The Aurora LED82 is a giant in the world of light towers. It stands 82-feet tall, can withstand winds of 128 kph and lights up more than five acres with its 16 LED lights. And the best part? It consumes just 28 per cent as much fuel as comparable metal halide lights.

  • Meets EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards
  • Illuminates 5.4 acres to five lux
  • 82-feet tall
  • More than 430 hours run time


More than 9,000 pieces of primary rental equipment, supported 24/7/365
This stadium light is a part of 9,000+ pieces of primary rental equipment
Available at: Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, Cold Lake, Saskatoon, Calgary


  • Fully compliant with CSA S37-13, including bonded grounds and CSA Field Inspection Number
  • Fully TIA/EIA (ANSI) 222 Rev. G Compliant, per International Tower Standards, to a minimum of 128kph x three-second wind gusts (up to ½” radial ice over entire unit)
  • Artic Package including pre-heat, heat trace, convection block heater and dual fuel pumps
  • Dry weight of 13,200 pounds. Readily towable with a one-tonne truck.
  • 11 kVA of 25 kVA Tier 4 ultra quiet generator, with 1,000-hour bypass filter for increased service intervals. Positive air shutoff with timed reset
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