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I am more deadly than bullets. I kill thousands of people every year; in fact I have killed more people than all the great wars combined. I spare no one; I find victims among the rich and poor, the young and old, the strong and weak alike. I am relentless, merciless, and cruel. I am everywhere - in the home, on the streets, in the factory, at rail road crossings, on land, in the air and on the sea. I lurk in unseen places and do most of my work behind-the-scenes. You have been warned against me, yet you heed me not. I bring sickness, degradation, and death yet few seek me out to destroy me. I crush, I maim, I give nothing yet I may rob you of everything. I am your worst enemy.




Safety must be based on values that work, not just values that sound good. The foundation of a strong safety culture must start with the highest levels of Management; in that way the ‘by-in’ more easily filters down throughout a company. A safety culture is not created over night it requires constant assessment and unwavering accountability systems. Our Safety Services team understands what it takes to create and live a culture of safety and protection and is eager to assist you to achieve the same. Please Contact us for additional information or inquiries.



  • Program Audit

    In the ever-changing world of safety it is often difficult to maintain your safety program to the industry standard. Ketek Group Safety Services can review your existing content and make recommendations for improvement. If you require a more complete service package we would be happy to customize program content on your behalf and even introduce the changes to your Employees. We can quickly bring your program to Certificate of Recognition (CoR) standard. Please Contact us for additional information or inquiries.

  • Design and Implementation of Safety Management System

    Maybe you have never had a formal safety program. Our team of safety professionals can construct a program that is tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements. To achieve this we will come out to your job site or office to assist in identifying, assessing, and developing a comprehensive set of standard work practices and safe work procedures to help deal with the many hazards that your Employees may encounter. Please Contact us for additional information or inquiries.

  • Introduction to OHSAS 18001:2007

    OHSAS 18001:2007 is the International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard against which organizations are assessed on their health and safety performance. As with other standards, it is based around the setting of objectives and targets and the monitoring of the businesses performance against them. The standard is applicable to any organization that wishes to eliminate or minimize risk to employees and other stakeholders who may be exposed to OH&S risks.


    The Ketek Group Safety Services professionals can help you demonstrate high levels of OH&S comprehension by designing and implementing a OH&S management system that is analogous with OHSAS 18001:2007. Please Contact us for additional information or inquiries.

  • Loss Prevention Services

    Our safety personnel can conduct an occupational health and safety (OH&S) hazard and risk assessment in order to review the management practices of a facility for soundness and compliance. The intention would be to assess the conformity to the requirements of applicable legislation, policy, and directives. We pride ourselves on providing genuine expertise in an efficient and timely manner. Please Contact us for additional information or inquiries.

  • Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis

    The only thing worse than a workplace incident is one that is not learned from and is repeated. The reality is that all hazards will not be identified and mitigation options do not always reduce the incident risk to zero. Therefore when an incident does occur it is an obligation for a company to identify why this happened and move to ensure that it does not reoccur. This is achieved by proper investigation and root cause analysis techniques.


    Our safety personnel can conduct or assist your company in incident investigation and root cause analysis. We are comfortable dealing with OH&S officers and can walk you through the steps required to recover from ‘serious’ incidents, returning your business to full operational status as soon as possible. Please Contact us for additional information or inquiries.

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