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Water is a fundamental resource for many processes in the oil and gas industry. Often water is not readily available where it is needed, sometimes water is annoyingly abundant; either way, the Water Resources team can help.


We have developed a methodology to deliver large volumes of water to wherever it is needed; whether winter or summer, whatever depth, from any source, we can provide the manpower, know how, and equipment to transport water from source to location.


Ketek’s large rental fleet ensures that we will be able to accommodate any of our Clients need. We are able to supply all necessary equipment and manpower for these types of projects to see them through to the end. The following uses precipitate the need for water pumping services:


1) Hydraulic Testing – Typically large volumes of water are needed for this purpose. Delivery and extraction must be controlled and water volumes accurately accounted for.


2) Frac Water Pumping – Specific challenges that make no one project like another. Variables such as elevation changes, distance, flow rate, and/or weather play significant roles in how this job needs to get done. We have worked with numerous consultants and provided customized solutions to meet Client requirements.


With the many challenges of the oil and gas industry it is important to have a company at your side that can support your needs with unmatched experience and reputation, Ketek is that company and we are proud to be of service to you.



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