Environmental Solutions

Ketek’s environmental services offer effective solutions to problems new and old, seeking to reduce energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions and care for air, land and water.

Waste Audits

Ketek is a leader in third-party waste audits in Western Canada. A waste audit gathers data about waste production, whether by a business or a community. It includes information on waste handling practices for each subset of waste. This information is tied to specific areas of the organization and to the activities occurring within each area.

As such, you can learn where your waste is coming from, how it’s being handled and where it’s going and how. It lets you develop a plan to reduce, reuse, recycle and more.

The Economics of Reducing Your Waste

Solid Waste Management

In the waste management industry, you will hear about the “waste hierarchy,” which is dominated by the three Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle. These are the best ways to properly manage waste and to make a positive impact on our environment. But there are more than just those three layers in the waste management hierarchy. It also includes waste-to-energy, incineration and landfill.

The hierarchy creates guidance for a sustainable waste management program. It is important to understand each of these layers and to find ways to move up the triangle.

That’s where Ketek’s waste management team can help. Accredited by ECO Canada, we conduct waste audits to help you better manage your waste.

Pollution Control Systems

When it comes to dealing with stack emissions from incineration, Ketek deploys two main technologies depending on the waste, environmental regulations and location of the units: wet scrubbing and dry scrubbing. Both are safe, environmentally friendly options.

Ketek Incinerator for Rent CY100CA


Ketek’s Cyclonator incinerators can be an important and effective component of an environmentally friendly waste management system. This is particularly so for remote or small communities.