Wellpoint Dewatering

Blackfalds, AB, Canada
Area of Service:
Water Management

Ketek is one of the few companies in Western Canada that has the equipment and the expertise to carry out a wellpoint dewatering job successfully.

Every now and then, Ketek gets asked to coax water from the ground through the installation and operation of a wellpoint dewatering system. Wellpoints are small diameter, 20-foot-long PVC pipes – think of them as giant straws – with some small slits cut at the bottom of them. They get installed, about 1.5 metres apart, close to the edge of a proposed excavation to remove groundwater. If the water isn’t removed, it’s impossible to dig because you’ll just end up with a big muddy mess.

The wellpoints are connected through a series of pipes to a vacuum system. Turn on the vacuum and the wellpoints act like giant straws, sucking the water out of the ground like a kid on a Slurpee. 

The vacuum strength is limited, so the drawdown ability of a single-stage system is about five metres. Systems can be installed in multiple stages to increase this limitation.