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For more than 25 years, Ketek Fort St. John has worked with clients in northeastern B.C., with a particular focus on fracking operations. Our expertise in the management of water resources has been relied upon by many of the region’s most prominent oil and gas producers. Now with more than 400 employees, Ketek has worked with companies throughout the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors.

Ketek Fort St. John can provide the full suite of the company’s services supported by the company’s 9,000+ pieces of primary rental equipment. Ketek provides oilfield and oilsands services, water management, power services, manufacturing, maintenance, transportation and safety services.

We have worked in the oilsands and in the mining, forestry and agricultural sectors. We have worked for municipal, institutional and international clients and for the armed forces. We provide facility site services and have acquired distribution rights with suppliers of specialized equipment.

Ketek Fort St. John is fully supported by the resources and expertise of the head office in Edmonton. The branch is able to draw on the many strengths – including design, engineering, and manufacturing – of the head office to support its expertise in the field and allow Ketek to solve the real-world problems faced by our clients, from start to finish.

Clayton Poznikoff - Fort St. John

General Manager
Gary Parnell

Gary Parnell - Ketek Fort St. John

Branch Manager
Clayton Poznikoff


9219 – 75 Street
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24-Hour on-call service at the toll free number:

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Our Services

Ketek’s true value comes from its ability to draw on many strengths – engineering, manufacturing, transportation and its vast rental fleet, just to start – to support its expertise in the field. We can solve the real-world challenges faced by our clients, from start to finish.

Ketek - Industrial Services

Ketek’s breadth of talent is well demonstrated by its ability to provide industrial services.

Ketek Services - Oildfield Services

Water transfers and storage, completions, equipment rentals, frac water pumping, hydrostatic testing.

Oilsand Services - Ketek Group - Western Canada

Water management, mine dewatering, HDPE fusing, well testing, monitoring and servicing and more.

Ketek - Rental Services

Ketek got its start renting equipment to clients in the oilfields, and rentals are still at the heart of everything we do.

Custom Fabrication Western Canada

Ketek’s fabrication team can make just about anything, from the simplest of truck boxes to multi-million-dollar design/build units.

Ketek - Municipal Services

Water transfers, groundwater control, vertical turbine pumps, river/sewer bypass, flood control, facility services, and more.

Ketek Site Services

Ketek has successfully supported construction, mining, maintenance and other production facilities to ensure efficient operations.

Ketek - Support Services

Project management, prime contractor safety services, third-party safety training, design, manufacturing and more.

Ketek - Environmental Services

Strategic water management, solid waste solutions, thermal oxidation, incinerators.

Other Services in Fort St. John

Ketek provides a wide variety of field and site services, supported by our transportation fleet, fabrication facilities, rental equipment and engineering know-how.
Ketek - Dewatering Services - Western Canada

Dewatering Services

Ketek is one of the most experienced Canadian companies in the science – and art – of dewatering. We can control groundwater through well point dewatering and deep well dewatering. Ketek is one of the few companies in Western Canada that has the equipment and the expertise to use two primary methods of dewatering: the deep-well-pump method of dewatering and the vacuum wellpoint method of dewatering. We also have the means to dewater mines properly and responsibly.

Ketek - Water Transfers - Western Canada

Water Transfers And Storage

We can deliver large volumes of water wherever it is needed, winter or summer, from any source and depth. We provide the manpower, the know-how and the equipment to transport water from source to destination. With the many challenges of the oil and gas industry, it is important to have a company at your side that can support your needs with unmatched experience and reputation, Ketek is that company, and we would be proud to be of service to you.

Project Management - Ketek Group - Western Canada

Project Management

Ketek supports client operations with professional project management from initial consultations to final sign-off. We can manage labour and equipment needs and complete reporting requirements as requested. One helpful way of thinking about projects is to divide them into three spheres: Technical (covers the hands-on role of the project manager), Transactional (refers to the activities associated with managing the project’s workflows and performance), Transformational (refers to activities associated with leadership).

Rental Equipment in Fort St. John

9,000 pieces of primary, numbered rental equipment and tens of thousands of pieces of auxiliary equipment.

Ketek Fort St. John got its start renting equipment to clients in the oilfields, and rentals are still at the heart of everything we do. Much of our fleet has been custom manufactured or individually modified to endure the rigours of industrial use and the challenging environments in which we operate. Other modifications are made to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, whether that be through reduced fuel consumption, sound attenuation, spill protection or camouflage. Ketek Edmonton rentals equipment fleet is impeccably maintained and new equipment is continually being added.