Large-Volume Water Transfer

Alberta, Canada
Area of Service:
Water Transfers

Ketek built a 27-pump system that ran for 18 kilometres from the Peace River

In 2017, Ketek completed a pump arrangement designed to deliver as much as 5.6 cubic metres of water per minute to a frac site. Some of that water travelled from the Peace River, more than 18 kilometres away.

The chain began with three 58 HP pumps in fish screens in the Peace River, which was flowing so fast the crew had to secure the pumps to 22,500 lbs of concrete blocks to prevent them from being swept away.

From the Peace, Ketek pumped the water, via 10 diesel pumps and through two lines, six kilometres to the top of a hill. Four more diesel pumps then pushed the water to the reservoirs.

Water also pumped from the pits using six 58 HP submersible pumps. They fed four 12” Thompson pumps which pushed the water the final kilometre to the frac site. The crew also installed a recirculation line so the pumps didn’t have to be turned on and off. When the client didn’t need the water, it recirculated back to the pit.

The entire project took about a month to rig-in.