Vertical Turbine Pump Installation

Gleniffer Lake reservoir
Alberta, Canada
Area of Service
Pump Maintenance

Ketek was recently asked to remove, repair and reinstall a 75-foot-tall vertical turbine pump at the Dickson Dam, southwest of the City of Red Deer.

The dam controls the flow of the Red Deer River, providing an assured water supply to the city year-round. It also creates Gleniffer Lake reservoir, a popular spot for boating, swimming and fishing, and there’s a 15 MW hydro-power station on the site.

Two submersible pumps under the spillway prevent the pressure of groundwater from potentially heaving it upwards, but one of them wasn’t working.

Ketek removed the pump and transported it to our yard in Edmonton. We took it apart and repaired it.

Once repaired, it was time to put the pump back in place. First, five-foot-long lengths of pipe – the water column – had to be lifted to the top of the pump house. They were lowered into the tower, where Ketek pump technicians fitted the pieces of drive shaft, oil tube and water column together. As each section was added, the pump was lowered deeper into the well.

After all 15 sections were assembled, Ketek’s pump technicians installed the discharge head and the motor. Our electrician wired the pump in and turned it on.

It worked beautifully.