About Us

Building Community

Ketek strives to be a positive influence in each and every community in which we operate. Through annual Christmas initiatives, food bank drives, disaster relief efforts, minor sports sponsorships and more, Ketek and its employees seek to help those in need and to build strong, resilient communities.

Christmas Initiatives

Each Ketek branch choses its own local charity to support at Christmas, depending on the needs of the local community.

The Edmonton office sponsors Christmas hampers (food and toys) for families and fundraising through the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton. The Christmas Bureau provides a festive meal to families in need. In 2017, 55,450 people were provided a meal. More than 26,000 of them were children under the age of 12 and 7,569 were teens aged 13 to 17. The Christmas Bureau has kept pace with the changing face of Edmonton to ensure that their service is culturally inclusive, encompassing all religions and traditions.

Ketek personnel in Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray donate to the local food banks. In Fort Nelson, staff donate to and volunteer at the Community Christmas dinner put on by the Fort Nelson fire department. Fort St. John has chosen to raise funds for the SPCA.

The Winterburn Business Association

The Winterburn Business Association

Ketek’s president, Brad Abel, serves as the president of the the Winterburn Business Association (WBA), which was established to represent the needs of its members to Edmonton city councillors and other stakeholders on matters of importance to the businesses in the Winterburn area.
Winterburn, west of Edmonton, was annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1981, but at the time no plan was made for adequate roads, sewers, or other basic services. Despite this, Winterburn has seen steady growth because of its affordable land values and proximity to the major transportation arteries of the Anthony Henday Drive ring road and Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail). Today, there are hundreds of businesses located in this park, with thousands of people travelling in and out each day, but the basic infrastructure remains lacking.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Ketek has the trained personnel and the equipment to respond quickly and effectively to a wide range of disaster situations. During the 2020 flooding of Fort McMurray (which forced 13,000 people from their homes), Ketek provided diesel pumps to help pump water from buildings and low-lying areas.

During the Fort McMurray wildfire in May of 2016, Ketek provided support and equipment to emergency responders (under the direction of provincial officials). Equipment included layflat hose, submersible and diesel pumps, power generators and light towers.

In Calgary, in June of 2013, after extensive flooding, Ketek provided pumps, generators and light towers to aid with water removal from flooded areas and incinerators for waste disposal.