Fish Screens

Ketek’s fish screens are designed to meet the guidelines issued by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Most aquatic organisms such as fish and plants cannot come into contact with the pump or the suction hose because they are protected by the screen. The floating fish screen pictured can be fitted with two 58-HP pumps.

  • Keep your irrigation system from clogging with debris.
  • Provide more reliable flow and reduce maintenance.
  • Prevent fish from being harmed or stranded in irrigation channels.
  • Ensure you meet state regulations and avoid enforcement actions.
  • Provide excellent fish protection and increase survival.
  • Floating or fully submerged

A fish screen is placed at a water diversion to protect juvenile fish from entering irrigation channels. They are specifically designed to reduce fish mortality and stranding. Fish screening provides a unique opportunity to increase survival of ESA-listed fish species while allowing irrigators to withdraw water.