Line Crossings

Ketek Group designs and builds line crossings from 14′ to 30′ in length. Our line crossings are used to protect pipes, cables and hoses where traffic crossings are required. Ketek’s crossings can be quickly placed across a roadway and anchored at each end. Pictured on this page is our 20′ folding line crossing, which can accommodate up to 12″ hose and handle 50,000 lbs per axle.

Features of our line crossings

  • Stackable for transportation
  • Delineation markers
  • Cable track

Dimensions of 20′ line crossings

  • Unfolded L 20′ W 15′ 10” H 1′ 2”
  • Folded L 20′ W 8′ 6” H 1′ 8”

Ketek carries a variety of line crossings of differing lengths, including an 8″ high-flow, low-profile version which can handle up to 14 cubic metres of water per minute. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. We can also fabricate custom line crossings as per client specifications and requirements.

Part # 224350 Line Crossing Folding 20′

Part# 224360 Line Crossing 24′ x 8″

Part# 224370 Line Crossing 14′

Part# 224380 Line Crossing 30′