Submersible Manhole Pump

Submersible Manhole Pump For Mobile Wet Pit Sewer Bypass Operations

Ketek’s custom, self-cooling sewage bypass pumps are designed for installation in standard manholes. There’s no need to remove the frame; just pop the cover off and lower the pump down. The pump is able to overcome more than 15M (50 feet) of head and pump 3,750 LPM (1,000 USgpm) of sanitary fluids through a 6″ line. Paired with our SmarTEK monitoring and control system, this pump will eliminate the need for a worker to stay at the pumping location, increasing your worker’s efficiency and reducing your project costs.


  • HP/kW: 10/7.5
  • Solids Handling: inches/mm: 3”/75
  • Impeller Type: Channel
  • Max. Temperature of Pumped Fluid: 104°F/40oC
  • Max. Submergence: 33’/10m


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