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From Wabasca, Ketek provides all of its services and equipment, including rentals, oilfield and oilsands services, water management, power services, manufacturing, maintenance, transportation and safety services.

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pieces of primary, numbered rental equipment and tens of thousands of pieces of auxiliary equipment.

Rental Equipment - Custom Manufactured

Much of our fleet has been custom manufactured or individually modified to endure the rigours of industrial use and the challenging environments in which we operate.

Equipment For Rent - Western Canada - Environmental Friendly

Other modifications are made to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, whether that be through reduced fuel consumption, sound attenuation, spill protection or camouflage.

Rentals Pumping Equipment in Wabasca

Ketek Group Wabasca provides fuild solutions equipment for water management, mine dewatering, groundwater control, pond cleaning and transfer. Our products are ideal for water transfer from any source to any location, water storage and other water management matters including frac water pumping.

Ketek 12GHH Diesel Pump

Diesel Pumps for sewage bypass pumping or general construction dewatering.

Deep Well Submersible Pumps For Rent - Ketek

Suitable for environmental applications Deep Well Pumps with ability to communicate with a controller.

Ketek - Sump Pumps 8.85HP For Rent

Submersible Pumps to pump corrosive liquids and Floats to elevate sump pumps to the surface of the water.

Centrifugal Pumps For Rent

Centrifugal Pumps which capable of pumping water that contains rocks and debris.

Rentals Light Equipment in Wabasca

Whether it’s lighting a construction jobsite at night, lighting during a planned shutdown or event, or for emergency response crews working around the clock after a natural disaster: we have the towable light towers and portable work lights you need to get the job done safely. Ketek has power solutions to meet even the most demanding needs. From commercial construction to industrial operations and public projects, our team of specialized engineers and technicians provide personalized solutions, along with 24/7 response.

Aurora LED64-Stadium Light For Rent

A low-cost, low-carbon Stadium Lights illuminate five acres to five lux, all while consuming 72% less fuel than comparable metal halide lights, meaning 72% lower fuel costs and 72% fewer CO2 emissions.

Rental LED Light Tower, supported 24/7/365

Our stadium Light Towers satisfy a demand for a 16-light light tower for use in remote and rugged locations. Diesel powered light towers can be used as a generator for electric power supply as well as lighting.

Ketek - Light Stand For Rent

Keep your job site safe and well lit with Ketek’s Light Stands. They provide light via an existing power supply. The light stand can be set up wherever power is available.

Ketek - Stadium Light Tower For Rent

Ketek’s Stadium Light Towers offer you uninterrupted service where regular light towers fail. Our stadium light towers satisfy a demand for a 16-light light tower for use in remote and rugged locations.

Rentals Generators in Wabasca

Ketek will supply, install and maintain electrical equipment for all your permanent and temporary power needs. Use any of the various generators we offer to power your electric equipment. Ketek electrical services technicians have a vast array of knowledge when it comes to the inner workings of electrical systems found throughout the industry.


Our 8 KW – 500 KW powerful, quiet and dependable Generators are field-tested in Western Canada and available as trailered or skid-mounted options.

Triple Combo - Fuel storage, generator, light tower for rent

Triple Combo (fuel storage, generator and light tower) for camps, rigs or construction sites and dual 100 kW generators (comes with light tower) with positive air shut off.

Equipment Rentals - Dual 100 kW generator C/W light tower

Ketek DualGen 100 kW generators come with 25 feet light tower and positive air shut off. Models varies from 120V – 480 V, 20 Amp – 100 Amp.

Maintained Rental Equipment
Our equipment fleet is impeccably maintained and new equipment is continually being added.

Other Rental Equipment in Wabasca

Ketek Group, a leader in Oilfield Rentals and Services, has been operating to meet the demands of our cleints for 40 years. Ketek prides itself on servicing our cleint’s meeds in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We would like to highlight Ketek’s capability to provide solutions for our clients rental needs. Ketek is able to provide a wide variety of equipment specially designed to assist our clients with their projects. With four decades of experience, Ketek has amassed very valuable experience and custom manufactured equipment to help any challenges that our clients may encounter.

Mobile Buildings Fitness For Rent

Ketek’s Fitness Building adds to camp quality of life by providing an area for rig personnel to maintain their fitness regiments.

Ketek - Line Crossing For Rent
Folding Line Crossing

Designed and built by Ketek Group. Accommodates up to 12″ hose. Maximum Capacity: 50,000 lbs axle weight. Accommodates up to 12″ hose.

Ketek - Trans Cube For Rent

With Trans Cubes there is no need to empty the tank before transportation away from site. As well they can be stacked to save on mobilization costs.

Layflat hose and fittings for rent

Designed and built by Ketek Group. Accommodates up to 12″ hose. Maximum Capacity: 50,000 lbs axle weight. Accommodates up to 12″ hose.

Rental Equipment in Edmonton, Alberta

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Ketek provides a wide variety of field and site services, supported by our transportation fleet, fabrication facilities, rental equipment and engineering know-how.