Aurora LED64 Stadium Light

The Aurora LED 64 is the low-cost, low-carbon option: It illuminates five acres to five lux, all while consuming 72% less fuel than comparable metal halide lights, meaning 72% lower fuel costs and 72% fewer CO2 emissions. The Aurora LED64 stands 64-feet tall, can withstand winds of 130 kph and comes with 14 high-power LED lights.

Combine the efficiencies of the Aurora with our SmartTEK technology, which allows for remote operation and monitoring of the equipment. In real time and from the comfort of your office you can control your equipment and monitor its performance. Want it to turn on and off depending on ambient light? No problem. Does it need fuel or maintenance? You’ll know.

You’ll need fewer trips to service and fuel equipment. You’ll have more efficient employees and less downtime, all saving you money.



More than 9,000 pieces of primary rental equipment, supported 24/7/365
This Aurora LED64 Stadium Light Tower is a part of 9,000+ pieces of primary rental equipment
Available at: Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, Saskatoon, Calgary


    • The Aurora LED64 Stadium Light tower comes with 14 high-powered LED lights that can illuminate five acres to five lux.
    • Over 480 hours of run time. Exceeding EnForm Lease Lighting Guidelines. DROPS compliant.
    • Redundant safety systems with triple redundant load rated aircraft cable and manual integrated fall arrest using TIA/EIA-222 Rev. G Guidelines.
    • CSA-approved electrical.
    • 1,000L DOT-approved diesel fuel tank
    • Electric/Battery disconnect lock outs. Positive air shutoff with timed reset.
    • Artic Package including pre-heat, heat trace, convection block heater and dual fuel pumps.
    • Power Distribution Outputs:
      – 2x 30A – 125/250VAC Hubbell Single Phase Twist
      – 6x 20A – 120VAC Single Phase Duplex
    • Optional plugs as required.
    • 11 kVA or 14 kVA ultra quiet generator.
    • Dry weight 13,000 pounds. Readily towable with a one-tonne truck.