Water Transfers

We can pump large volumes of water wherever it is needed, winter or summer, from any source or depth
Pumping water includes calculations involving atmospheric pressure, friction loss, volume and flow rate.
Project Specialist, Ketek Group

By: Jim MacRae
Project Specialist, Ketek Group

If you’ve ever thought of it at all, you might have thought pumping water is simple. Hook up a pump to a couple of hoses, turn it on and away you go.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Pumping water, especially large volumes over long distances, is a science and an art that involves atmospheric pressure, volume and flow calculations, something called friction loss and much more besides. To get the right pump – or series of pumps – for the job, you have to take all these things into account. It’s a science that has been at the heart of Ketek’s skill set from the beginning, and it’s a skill we are proud of and that we continuously strive to improve on.

One of our recent projects

Large-Volume Water Transfer

Location: Alberta, Canada
Area of Service: Oilfield
Sector: Water Transfers

Ketek built a pumping system that ran for 18 kilometres from the Peace River. The arrangement was designed to deliver as much as 5.6 cubic metres of water per minute.

Pumping The Peace

Why Choose Ketek

In short, we can deliver large volumes of water wherever it is needed, winter or summer, from any source and depth. We provide the manpower, the know-how and the equipment to transport water from source to destination. We’ve worked for municipalities that need temporary river bypasses, for industries that require water to be moved and for farmers that experience flooding. Short or long-term. Large volume or small.