Shane Stewart

Vice President
Mining Services

Meet Shane Stewart, the Vice President of Mining Services at Ketek Group. Shane is a seasoned leader with his roots in a small village in Manitoba, Canada. Raised with a foundation in farming, carpentry, and strong family values, he embarked on a transformative journey that shaped his diverse skill set. He leverages a robust work ethic, and resilience instilled by his family, community, friends and his mentors along the way.

Following an enlightening stint in Australia, where he immersed him in the real estate industry for 5 years, Shane returned to Canada. With 3 years as a Condominium Manager in Canada under his belt, Shane seized the opportunity to join Ketek Group as a Project Manager. Through dedication, tenacity and great mentorship, he ascended the ranks to his current role as VP of Mining Services.

Leading a dynamic team of project managers and coordinators, Shane is dedicated to enhancing efficiencies and elevating customer satisfaction. Rejecting a “good enough” mindset, Shane exemplifies a commitment to excellence, setting high standards for both his team and himself.


Shane’s management style is comprehensive, extending care to both his employees and the company. Striving for results that mutually benefit the organization and clients, he embodies the value of doing things properly and to the best of one’s ability, not merely for personal accolades but as a core principle.

Known for his unwavering dedication to accuracy and efficiency, Shane believes in executing tasks the way they are meant to be done. This approach stems from his fundamental belief in upholding quality and delivering value.

Shane also spearheads a Joint Venture with Infinity Metis Corp. (Ketek Infinity). In the realm of mining services, Shane Stewart stands as a beacon of principled leadership and business acuity.