Oilfield Services

Water transfers and storage

We are acknowledged experts in water transfers from any source to any location. We can also help with water storage, hydrostatic testing and other water management matters.


We provide rental equipment and site services to completions operations.

Equipment rentals

Ketek has more than 9,000 pieces of primary rental equipment and tens of thousands of pieces of auxiliary equipment. Much of our fleet has been custom manufactured or individually modified to endure the rigours of industrial use and the challenging environments in which we operate.

Frac water pumping

From any source to any location, we have the muscle needed for frac pumping. Distance, elevation changes, flow rate and weather all play significant roles in calculations.

Hydrostatic testing

Ketek has the knowledge and experience to test pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks for strength and leaks.

Dewatering / Groundwater control

We can control groundwater through well point dewatering and deep well dewatering.