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Ketek Cold Lake works with clients in eastern Alberta, with a particular focus on SAG-D oil and gas operations. Our expertise in the management of water resources has been relied upon by many of the region’s most prominent oil and gas producers.

Ketek Cold Lake can provide the full suite of the company’s services supported by the company’s 9,000+ pieces of primary rental equipment. Ketek provides oilfield and oilsands services, water management, power services, manufacturing, maintenance, transportation and safety services. Now with more than 400 employees, Ketek has worked with companies throughout the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors.

We have worked in the oilsands and in the mining, forestry and agricultural sectors. We have worked for municipal, institutional and international clients and for the armed forces. We provide facility site services and have acquired distribution rights with suppliers of specialized equipment.

Ketek Cold Lake is fully supported by the resources and expertise of the head office in Edmonton. The branch is able to draw on the many strengths – including design, engineering, and manufacturing – of the head office to support its expertise in the field and allow Ketek to solve the real-world problems faced by our clients, from start to finish.


63221, Highway 897, Lot 107
Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P9


Toll Free: 1-855-447-5050
Tel: 780-573-7047
Fax: 780-447-4912

Email: info@ketek.ca

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