Municipal Services

Ketek’s depth of talent is well demonstrated by its ability to provide municipal services.

Water transfers

We’re experts in water transfers, from any source to any location. We can also help with water storage, hydrostatic testing and other water management matters.

Dewatering / Groundwater control

We can control groundwater through well point dewatering and deep well dewatering.

Vertical turbine pumps

We can install and maintain vertical turbine pumps for municipal water treatment plants and irrigation.

River/sewer bypass, flood control

We are experts in water transfers for river and sewer bypass and flood control.

Facility services

Our facility services include maintenance and mechanical upgrades, welding repairs and electrical services.

  • Maintenance
  • Mechanical upgrades

Pond cleaning / liner repairs

We have experience in the cleaning and repair of pond liners and have the equipment to transfer large volumes of water.