Clean Technology for Canada and the World

With the Cyclonator series of incinerators, Ketek has developed a cost-effective solution to solid waste management. Construction standards are controlled using the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and customized to the client’s unique needs.

The client is involved from the beginning of the design, ensuring you get the quality you need and the value you want. Cyclonator Incinerators are designed to be practical, reliable and to have low operational costs and maintenance requirements.

The Environmental Choice

At Ketek, we provide the environmental solutions that suit your business needs best. As part of our full-service capability, Ketek offers consultation on the quantification of GHG emissions as per ISO 14064, on baseline setting and on monetization in the carbon emissions space using the carbon market financial instruments prescribed under various carbon-offset regimes.

A coordinated solid waste program with a Cyclonator Incinerator will reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal when compared with the use of carbon intensive options such as landfills. Solid waste decomposition in landfills produces methane and CO2 and since methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of its global warming potential, its avoidance by incineration is one of the factors supporting thermal oxidation of wastes as a potential reduction of GHGs, which helps move companies into a low-carbon space.

The Cyclonator range of designs also offer heat-recovery options, which can increase your return on investment and reduce your carbon footprint and potentially add additional revenue streams to further strengthen the business’s bottom line. Ketek has a comprehensive range of technologies available to help capture the heat generated and use as heat.