Ketek Group Successfully Transfers Hydrogeology Contract to Ketek Infinity at CNRL, Advancing Indigenous Partnership and Community Integration

January 23, 2024


We are pleased to announce that Ketek Group has successfully completed the novation of the Hydrogeology contract to Ketek Infinity at CNRL. In doing so the Mining team has helped Ketek take a huge leap forward towards its goal of integrating this indigenous partnership into the region and being more involved in the community. Ketek Infinity will continue to seek avenues to broaden its presence not only at CNRL but in the RM of Wood Buffalo and looks forward to building and strengthening its relationships with many more of the region’s great organizations.

The CNUL site crew is led by Kemar Sutton (Site Superintendent) and Stephen Tiir who complete a diverse scope of work with the Hydro group as well as providing support to other Business Units. They manage and maintain a good network to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation.  Other duties performed this year included biofouling, sampling, pump installs and removals, confined space vault repairs, well system upgrades, flow meter cleaning/repair, fusing, pump and skid procurement as well as winterizing and de-winterizing the surface equipment and discharge lines.

Steve Meadows and site leadership work very closely with the client, having regular meetings to solve problems, schedule work, and navigate through break-in work and other site requests. The Fort McMurray branch provides extensive support with maintenance and provides supplementary manpower for projects. 

Project Management Team:
Steven Meadows, Miray Schott