Ketek Project Update: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Kuwait

Feb, 2017
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Kuwait

Ketek’s sales of Cyclonator Incinerators to the region
Ketek Group Inc. is undertaking an International Business Development Model (IBMD) project with Natural Resources Canada’s (NRC) International Research Assistance Program (IBMD), Canada’s premier innovation assistance program for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Project is focused on increasing Ketek’s sales of Cyclonator Incinerators to the region. Ketek has established two distributor agreements with agents to expand Ketek’s sales to the middle East region:

• AWJ Energy LLC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be active in marketing all Ketek Group’s consulting and site services in the region. First initiative is for the registration of Ketek’s Cyclonator incinerators with Saudi Aramco and to advise on regional legal requirements for sales of all Ketek’s consulting and site services in Saudi Arabia.

• Green Technology General Trading & Contracting Co. in the State of Kuwait is completing arrangements to qualify their provision of Ketek’s professional services to oil, gas and energy industries. Their interests are to facilitate contracts and business opportunities for the territory, including solid waste (Incinerators) and water management (wastewater Treatment).

• IRAP IBMD* Project is supporting our documenting of the knowledge and skills to be available for effectively promoting market Ketek’s products and services for;

– Cyclonator Incinerators and Ketek’s Equipment;
– Solid Waste and Water Management;
– Project Management; and
– Safety Training and Technical Consulting.

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